What Do I Get From the Bible?, A Call to Faith, Lesson 3, The Bible, 12

I suppose we should say what one should get out of reading the Bible.

By the nature of the Bible as we have found out, it is a record of God’s entry into human life directing it toward redemption. We are told that if we would know the future, we should read the past, and by reading the Bible, we will be assured that God will continue to enter man’s life to influence him.

And while we may feel that the history as recorded in the Bible is on too vast a scale to touch a mere mortal, continued reading of the Bible will show just how many times the Word of God touches our everyday problems. There is no law that Jesus gave for us to live by, and he who goes to the Bible seeking a law to govern his life will be disappointed.

It is true that there is a great deal of ethical teaching in the Bible, but the Christian will find that the message of the Bible is an invitation to be a child of the Father, and to love the Father and the things the Father loves.

Here’s a great question to ponder.

We quoted many of the great church theologians who said that the Bible was without any error in it. Do you believe that in the light of modern knowledge that the Bible is still without error?


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