How the Bible is Revered, A Call to Faith, Lesson 3, The Bible, 1-4

Let me say again that the purpose of these lessons is to be called back to faith by becoming more informed about the beliefs of the Church.

Previously we studied about God, and most certainly, we did not learn all there is to know about God. However, we did learn that one of the ways we know about God is through the Bible. Today, let’s look at the Bible.

One who would understand the doctrines of the Christian Church must give particular attention to the church’s attitude toward the Bible. The Protestant church regards the Bible as the seat of authority. The Roman church regards the Church, that is the Pope, as the seat of authority. But what the Bible teaches, the Protestant church accepts.

The importance of the Bible lies in the fact that the Bible is our only source of information about how God has acted in history, and therefore our best source of information about the nature of God. The church believes that man can get intimations of the nature of God from nature, and can know Him personally from personal experience, the church still regards the Bible as God’s chosen way of revealing Himself to man. Consequently, the church speaks of the Bible as “the Word of God.”

Because of the unique position of authority of the Bible, it is very important that we understand what the Bible is and what it contains.

When anything becomes important, or is held in high regard, whether it is a man, or an institution, or a book, there is the danger that it may be unwisely venerated, or even worshipped. When this occurs, the object of veneration is likely to become a tyrant rather than a liberator.

The Bible is no exception, and if the church worships the Bible instead of the God who is revealed in the Bible, the church may find itself enslaved by the book which was to set us free. What the church means by saying that the Bible is the “Word of God” is an important matter.


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