What the Church Believes About Man, Lesson 4, A Call to Faith, Man, 11

The church believes that man is a creature of God.

To be a creature is both debasing and exalting. It is debasing in that it signifies that we are dependent on someone else, that we are not free to make of ourselves exactly as we would be.

To be a creature reminds us that we are not free to choose the families we are born in, the color of our skin, of our hair. Some of the most important features of our lives are not in our hands, but in the hands of another.

But to be a creature is also to be exalted, for though it means we are not independent, it also means that we belong to someone. We are not cosmic accidents as Bertrand Russell would have us believe.

The church believes that not only is God concerned for us, but we are also concerned for God. God tells us that even though hairs on our head are numbered, and Scripture also says “man being a part of Thy creation desires to praise Thee.” This combination of opposites, the greatness and smallness of man, is a part of our creaturehood, and is recognized through all the history of God’s dealing with man.

And finally, the church believes that God loves man, loves man so much that He offers every man the opportunity to have eternal life, and even more, He seeks out man so that he may have it. The church believes God loves man so much, that a portion of the Christian church believes that the final judgment will not come to pass until every man is finally saved.

As we wrap up this topic, here’s a question for you.

We pointed out that man is a social being, and has a role to play in society. Can man be happy away from human beings and away from God?


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