Let’s Look at Religion, Lesson 4, A Call to Faith, Man, 7

What is Man? Let’s Look at Religion…

The last answer to our question is to be give by the religions.

They say that man is a “Servant of superior values and powers.”

From its dim beginnings until now, religion has recognized two sorts of reality toward which man must be oriented.

One of these is power and the other right. In primitive religion, power is by far more prominent. Man feels himself surrounded by forces with which he must come to terms. Some of these mysterious forces, he avoids. Some, he placated. But some are friendly and these forces he joins.

Advanced religion has stressed right in addition to power. These religions hold their gods not only powerful, but good; not only mysterious, but merciful and just. In fact, in some modern religions, values have replaced divine powers, and have become the object of devotion. In Judaism and Christianity, human craving is directed toward one supreme God in whom sovereign power and perfect goodness are united.


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