What is Man?, Lesson 4, A Call to Faith, Man, 1-3

“What is man that thou are mindful of him, and the son of man that thou dost care for him?”

This quotation from Psalms asks the question that we are to study today. It is a quotation that praises God for His greatness, and raises insignificant man to unimaginable heights by God’s being mindful of him.

It is impossible to study the doctrines of God and the Bible without being driven to a study of man. If God communicates with man, then man must be capable of communicating with God. If the creature can commune with his Creator, then man is an extraordinary creature indeed, and much different from the other creatures. If the creature cannot commune with his Creator, then Christianity is utter nonsense. If the creature can commune with his Creator, then Christianity has a far different conception of man than that which is held by most of the world today.

What is man? Is there anything abnormal about asking such a question?

Most people never put this question to themselves in words, nor try to puzzle out an answer. The normal thing to do is just keep on being a man, and doing the things a man usually does, and not giving much thought to what one is or why. Everybody, no doubt, thinks of himself off and on in one fashion or another. This thinking is incomplete, however, and never puts all the puzzle together at one time. We think of ourselves as a good father, or a good friend, or a good American, or a good employee. But glimpsing ourselves in one role or another is a lot different from grappling with the problem in general.

What is Man? Any Man?

The general question of what is Man is more likely to come up in times of stress and strain when worried people begin to wonder where man is headed, but although many people may ask the same question, there is wide disagreement in answering it.


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