Importance of Incarnation, A Call to Faith, Lesson 5, 14-17

Why It’s Important to Learn About the Incarnation

Man was able through this to see what God is like. The characteristics of Jesus, power, humility, and love, are still the attributes of God. Through Jesus, we can see what God wants us to be. Through Jesus, we can have a mediator with God. Through Jesus, we can have everlasting life.

What does the church believe about the incarnation?

The church believes that the Son of the Trinity put on earthly flesh and lived among men in order to show men the way to salvation.

Why is it important that you know what the church thinks about the incarnation of Jesus?

J. Middleton Murry wrote in the preface to his book “Jesus, Man of Destiny” that the reason for writing the book was that the time had come when it had become urgent to make up his mind about Jesus. Everyone in America must come to this point also, for with all the news coverage the churches get, it is impossible for one to life in America without hearing about Jesus. When one hears, then he must make up his mind about Jesus, and the dismissal of the thought, if one does that, is the making of his mind.

The question one must ask is, “Is Jesus significant for us in any unique way?”

The answer must be yes, for no other prophet or philosopher, or founder of a religious order comes with the authority of Jesus.


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