The Holy Spirit, A Call to Faith, Lesson 7, The Holy Spirit, 1-4

In a sense we are now changing our viewpoint slightly, in our study now.

Up until now, we have been studying doctrines all pertaining to what God has done for man… that is, how God has revealed himself to Man. Now, we change a little to a group of studies that could be called God’s work in Man. The first of these studies is on the subject of “The Holy Spirit.”

In another sense, we are just now beginning to study the doctrines of the Church that have a bearing on our faith, all the lessons that have gone before, being merely preparatory lessons. What we have said so far has been of God’s work in history, and of His encounter with the forces of evil. Now we come to the study of God’s work in our lives today. The events that have offered a clue to all of history, now become a part of our own experience. Consequently, our next few posts will be on such subjects as the Holy Spirit, The Church, The Kingdom of Heaven and the External Life.

You may wonder why we should devote a lesson to the subject of the Holy Spirit, and the reason for this wonder is that the Holy Spirit is the lesser of persons in the God Head, as far as our daily consideration is concerned. Our first lesson in this series was on God, and we finished the first group with lessons on the Incarnation and Atonement of Jesus. The reason why the Holy Spirit deserves a lesson entirely devoted to Itself, is that it is the Holy Spirit that is at work in the hearts of men every day. When the Christian church speaks of the Holy Spirit, it is speaking of the Spirit of God at work in the hearts of men.


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