What is The Trinity?, A Call to Faith, Lesson 7, The Holy Spirit, 8-9

In other lessons we have defined the word under consideration and it might be well to define the Trinity.  This word simply means “a group of three.”

This definition does not do justice to the meaning in use by the Christian church, for the Church does not conceive of the God head as a group of three separate persons. Actually, the word “Trinity” does not express the meaning that is meant by Christian usage, nor is there a better word, because none has yet been found to express the full meaning. Perhaps this is true because men have not yet been able to understand the full meaning of the Triune God.

In Christian usage, the word “Trinity” means a group of three, but includes the idea of a Trinity in Unity. Because the human mind has not been able to completely understand how this could be is the reason that no word that describes this doctrine has come into use. We should be careful not to set up man’s personality as a guide for trying to understand God’s personality. The original form of personality is in God, and Man’s personality is a derivative of God’s personality, and not the opposite, so that God’s personality is a derivative of man.

The Church confesses the Trinity to be a mystery beyond the comprehension of man.

The Trinity is a mystery, not only in the Biblical sense, that it was a Truth formerly hidden, but now revealed, but in the sense that man cannot comprehend it and make it intelligible. The Doctrine of the Trinity is intelligible in some of its relations and modes of manifestation, but unintelligible in its essential nature.


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