Why We Need A Personal God, Lesson 2, Belief in God, 1-2

Previously we talked about the belief in God and ways of knowing Him. Now, let’s look a little more at God Himself, for it is time to inquire into what kind of God we believe in and know. Each one of us has a concept of God and it may be said that there are as many gods as there are religious people. However, groups of religious people have concepts that are alike, such as the Buddhist concept or Mohammedanism concept. Some concepts conceive of God as being personal or impersonal and this is the greatest difference among the varying concepts. The Christian concept is that He is a personal being and this is vital to any worthy religion.

What is a person? In general, we mean a conscious, responsible human being, but more specifically, a person is an individual being endowed with consciousness consistency of thought, sensibility and responsibility. This definition will apply to God, although with some modifications.

We necessarily interpret God in terms of his various manifestations of himself. God is a unitary being for the universe is one whole universe, and our expanding knowledge of it proves it. The farthest penetration shows the universe to be woven of the same threads and continuing one web. As we peer into the universe, we find that it is woven in patterns of thought and it can be read as a book revealing the personality of the writer. The universe is stamped with the undeniable mark of its Maker. Similarly, the universe exhibits its sensibility. It exhibits and creates in us emotions of fear and trust, wonder and mystery, beauty and sublimity. In the same way the world is an exhibition of responsible will, for it is always and everywhere active whether in forces as powerful as a tide or as small as an electron… always working according to the plan and purpose.

A personal God is necessary to a worthy religion. Only a personal God can furnish us with a proper object of worship, and only a personal God can we love and trust and obey. Worship is a personal relation that loses all its meaning when exercised toward an impersonal force. Is there an objection to the personality of God? One objection says that personality is a finite limitation that cannot be applied to an infinite being. Is a being higher or lower in the scale of existence when it has a personality? Actually, a personality is an enormous expansion of a being. God is infinitely higher and richer, because he is a personality and not merely a power.


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