The Law of Progress & Justice, Lesson 2, Death and the Life Beyond, 8-9

The second of these facts was that life transcends organization. How? What is the relation of this physical organization to that which causes it, life? We must show that life is above, beyond and more continuous than the physical organization. We mentioned that the particles of our body are ever in movement. The body we carry today no more represents the body we had 20 years ago than the last body we have represents the body we have today. But the underlying life … the real self … remains unchanged. Men call that self by different names. Some call it soul, some personality, some spirit. It doesn’t matter what you call it, but it is ridiculous to call it nothing. Don’t be so foolish as to call what builds up and renews organization nothing. Nor should we confuse this life with brain. We still say “I” although the brain of today is not the brain of five years ago. The personality remains the same even though the organs which express it are changed. part of the brain may be removed, but part of the personality is not also removed. The eyes may be destroyed, but part of the personality is not destroyed. Helen Keller was deaf, blind and dumb, but when a means of communication was found, she had a personality, or self.

Now we have seen that life organizes the physical body, and that life continues through the changes of the physical body, and therefore it must be plain that life must continue after the disorganization of the physical body. It is of course admitted that this is not proof of a continuous life. It is a deduction and as such, is subject to error.

We may now examine our question, “Does death end all?” under a second light — the light of reason.

There are two human laws that we may consider as a basis for some reasoning concerning this question. One of these laws is the law of progress. The story of the human race is one of progress. During so many ages that we cannot comprehend, the endlessness of it, this world has been fashioned for the habitation of man. Man wouldn’t have been able to survive in many of the ages of the past. Man began lowly, but under the direction of the creator, he has progressed from savagery to civilization and from brutality to mentality. The progress of the race is even repeated in each individual, so that the individual progresses from a lowly beginning to be God’s masterpiece. Does God bring man along from birth slowly to maturity, only to let him dissolve into dust and ashes again?

Reason would tell us that if man is raised to a level higher than the animals, then there must be a higher goal for man than the animals. If there is not, then man is the most miserable of all creatures, for he has the mental and moral capabilities for greater things, and must end at the same place as the baser animals.

There is another human law which is a basis for reasoning that death does not end all, and that is the Law of Justice.

There is a law of equilibrum in this universe. Everything proclaims it. Einstein’s theory of relativity, or equality, was proven to be correct. Wherever there is a change in nature, there is a compensating change to equalize it. If this law holds true, there must be a compensating factor for justice and injustice. For every justice there is rendered justice, and for every injustice there is rendered injustice. We know that justice is not always repaid in this life, nor injustice for that matter. Therefore, there must be a later life for these injustices to be rubbed out. If death ends all, what a godsend to the villian. If death ends all, what a mockery to God. His justice is made of no avail. His goodness is cancelled out by injustice and evil finally triumphs instead of morality.

We must say then, that in the light of science and pure reason, that death must not end all. Next, we’ll look at the question in the light of history, experience and revelation.

Do you think that science has thrown a question on the life everlasting?


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