What Modern Science Teaches Us, Lesson 2, Death and the Life Beyond, 4-7

Against this error in belief, let us look at the problem as a Christian truth. The Christian belief concerning destiny is this: We have come from God; we return to God; the present life is simply a passage where we prepare for a larger life. Death being the entrance to the larger life, the life on the other side is determined by the life on this side.

Now let us expose this Christian truth to several scanning lights. The first one shall be Science. It has been assumed by a number of people that modern science has pronounced against the idea of immortality. This is not true. It is true that some scientists have spoken out against the belief in immortality, but these men are usually aggressive men who seek to impose their belief upon all mankind. Their science does not compel them to deny immortality. In fact, they usually step outside their own scientific fields to concern themselves scientifically with immortality. If some scientists can be named who deny immortality, other and greater scientists can be named who affirm it. Einstein was no doubt the greatest of these. At the beginning of what we might call the “Scientific Age”, it was believed that Chemistry would account entirely for man. That is, the proper mixture of iron, oxygen, hydrogen, sodium and the rest with a brain was all that man was. Science has since found out that chemistry does not give all the answers about man.

Modern science has demonstrated two things, and from these two, we may deduct a third. The first of these is that life is the cause of organization, while still differing from organization. The second is that life transcends organization. If these two are so, then we may deduce that life which precede and transcends organization must also survive organization.

Let us see how the first of these works out — life is the cause of organization. Man’s life is revealed to us here in this world as a physical organization. The organization begins in the simplest manner. From the merest speck, resembling jelly, and wholly without organization, man’s entire physical body is built. The body is composed organically of the chemicals extracted from the earth and the air. Now, science tells us that the whole of this physical organization, including the brain, is in a constant state of flux. It is constantly changing so that organically, we are not the same this year as we were last year. The old particles have worn out and have been replaced with new ones. Now, we know that this physical organization creates nothing. On the contrary, it is itself created. Behind this is the mysterious thing which we call “life” which ever eludes us and ever remains invisible. Life is the real thing then. Its mystery does not detract from its reality. No man has ever seen it, but we behold its reality.


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