The First Act of Stewardship, Stewardship, Lesson 2, The Devotionals

Those who have heard one of our devotionals will agree that they are short and sweet. I am a firm believer that the absorption level of most groups is such that the individuals do well to remember one thought that they may have heard. I would like to leave one thought with you.

The theme of our church life for the next few posts will be stewardship. I would like to bring you a thought on that and for a scripture we will look at the first verse of Genesis, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” This is the first example of stewardship recorded in the Bible. Not one is recorded earlier. But this verse tells us that God brewed up or created the world out of some material He had lying around. With these materials and His initiative, God created the world and turned it over to a man as a tenant. We have the same opportunity to create a building using our initiative and the materials that we have on hand. There appears to be but one thing lacking.

Listen to the second verse. “And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” Like we have the initiative and the materials, let us ask for the Spirit to move us forward into action.

O Father! Send thy spirit to encourage us and guide us in our building program so that the thousands of pieces of material will be guided into a building which will be for thine own glory. Amen.


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