The One True God, I Believe in God, But…, Lesson 15, The Devotionals, 1-3

Four books have all tried to prove the existence of God. The existence of God cannot be proved. Rational arguments can be given for the existence of God.

However, we are not to attempt to prove the existence of God today. The Bible doesn’t attempt to prove it. The Bible says, “In the beginning, God…”

Modern man mostly has voted God out of existence. He has voted by replacing God with other gods, such as pleasure. Educated men have come to believe in only one God. We must be classed as uneducated men if we go back to plural gods. We can run away from a god or all gods, but eventually we are brought face-to-face with the decision to be made of whether there is a personal God for us.

First, what is the difference between the One True God and others? Our God has been able to reveal himself to us. He is revealed through the prophets, through the Bible and through Jesus Christ. He can’t be personal to me or you unless he can reveal himself in some way to me or you. Other gods cannot reveal themselves. The difference can be compared to stilts and Jacob’s ladder. The ladder reached from Heaven to Earth, while stilts only raise a little. Other religions consist of man’s seeking, while Christianity is God’s revealing. As a matter of fact, other religions usually started out not as a religion, but as a code of ethics or a moral code. Jesus Christ himself is the ladder God has lowered to us. While He himself does not come down, his angels continually ascend and descend.

Second, for us to believe in God, God must concern himself with life now. God must be active in our life or He is not any better than other gods. God must be both above and below, both internal and external, the object of our faith and the power in faith. Perhaps that is why we must conceive of God as in Three Persons. God Himself is above and beyond us, and yet around and within us all at the same time. God is active in life now, he never leaves himself without a witness for one thing. He is active in all new life. He is active in ruling and overruling the universe, so that His eternal objectives will be accomplished. He is active through the Holy Ghost in our every living moment. He was active in the lives of the Bible people, and He is active in our every day lives.


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