Serving More Than One God, Getting to Heaven, Lesson 17, The Devotionals, 16-25

The old ideas that we have about polytheism are too superficial for us to give them much thought, and that’s why it’s so easy for other gods to slip up on us. Look inside our lives. We don’t call the Gods Bacchus, or Mercury or Mars or Venus, but they are there under other names. We have smoke rising from many altars in our lives. Take our home. We say that the home is one of our Christian institutions. We would give our lives for our homes. We pay more for them than we should, we work in the yard when we ought to be in church.

What about our job? We make it a god. We put it before our home, our health, our church. What about pleasure? We make it our god…it is our natural past time. What about clubs and organizations? Cub Scouts, Rotary, etc.Life is dull and listless without a God, so we always set us up a god. An atheist says he doesn’t believe in God, but he sets up a god of his own. So we can call a man’s God, that God that he really serves, and then the issue clearly becomes as the Bible says, “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

To confuse the issue, there are conflicts between our gods. There are conflicts between the ideology and for our time. There is conflict between unity and disunity. The unity of one God, or the disunity of many gods. To answer our question about being saved by doing our best, we can say that if we are not doing our best for Christ we can’t be saved. We must choose whom we will serve and serve him to the best of our ability. If one must choose Christ, where is the place of service clubs? Women’s clubs? How must one divide his time between church and outside activities? Where must home and job fit in with Christ?


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