Falling In Love With Your Dream Person, The Seventh Commandment, The Ten Commandments, 14-20

Dangers arise from the use of our imagination. Most everything we see or hear these days is trying to whet our imagination. Movies and television emphasize sex and sometimes leave very little to our imagination. But imagination must be controlled by discipline. Only through discipline can the purity of emotions be maintained that will lay the foundation for future happiness.

Too often, religious folks seem to keep the physical side of life separate from the spiritual. We can never separate the two, because the spiritual side of our persons must eternally be active in controlling our physical life. So we should never try to think that our physical lives have nothing to do with our spiritual lives.

There is no reason why we should not enjoy a cool swim after a hot day or enjoy a good meal after some strenuous exercise. But, we know that such enjoyments must be subject to discipline or else bad health or sickness results. There is no reason why we should not recognize sex impulses either, because God made us both physically and spiritually, but these impulses must be disciplined too. Sex impulses must be tempered by our concern for ourselves and others, and ultimately must be controlled by the spiritual center that governs our lives.

There is a long, long trail winding into the land of your dreams. And to achieve those dreams means that you have to find a life partner that will make living an adventure in happiness. To find that partner, you will have to give careful attention to all your relationships along the trail with members of the opposite sex.

Is it too early for you to think about these things? No, because your personality is being formed now and scars may be put on it before you know it. We can never count on our head ruling our heart after we’re involved with someone. Love is blind and it’s often too late to escape the consequences of foolishly falling in love with the wrong person. You should know the characteristics of the person you would like to fall in love with and limit yourself to people with those characteristics. If you don’t want to fall in love with certain types of people, then don’t date them. If you don’t want to fall in love with someone who is loose morally, then don’t date that person. True, you may get married to one of these people, but you won’t find the high plane of happiness that you’ve dreamed of. You’ll find that your mountain top of happiness has settled down to a plateau of hum drum existence, punctuated by thoughts of what might have been.

There is one thing that all teenagers should have, and that is a person that he or she can talk to about his problems. It may be your parents, but sometimes even parents are embarrassed about certain subjects. If you’d rather not talk to your parents about your problems, talk to a trusted teacher or your preacher or some adult friend. Be sure to remember that problems never solve themselves. If you have a problem, solve it.


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