God Wills All To Be Healed, Christian Faith and Faith Healing, Lesson 4, 9-13

Another question we may ask is whether God’s wills perfect health for everyone. This seems to be one of the most important questions concerning faith healing. Indeed, if this question can’t be answered affirmatively, then the faith healers are out of business. An examination of the writings and teachings of the faith healers reveals that they operate on the assumption that all sickness is contrary to the will of God. There are many arguments to support their assumption, but a couple are these. If it were not the will of God to heal sickness, Jesus would have not violated His will by healing some. And, if it is not the will of God for everyone to be well, then it is wrong to seek healing, and each doctor is a sinner because he is trying to heal contrary to the will of God. The faith healers do not pray for healing by saying, “If it be thy will”, rather by saying, “The Lord is my health.”

There are many verses in scripture that indicate that God wills all to be well. Without trying to quote some, most read that Jesus went about healing all who came to him. Others read that Jesus gave his disciples power over all evil and sickness. But there are many other verses which give the opposite meaning. These are like the one which tells of Jesus in Nazareth unable to do any mighty work except to heal a few of the sick. Another time, there was a multitude of sick and lame near a pool and Jesus healed only one. On the other hand, there were many of the earliest Christians who were not healed of their diseases. Paul, the missionary, had a thorn in his flesh that was never healed. Timothy had frequent ailments which were not healed; and Paul, in spite of his thorn, wore out and left several of his helpers on sick beds, and they were not healed.

Perhaps the greatest strength in the belief that God wills all to be healed is from the desire to believe it. All who are poor, or sick, or weary want to believe in something that promises them wealth or cures or peace. So it is easy for one to believe when he is told that a loving God does not want his children to be sick and suffer. When we talked about predestination, some people found they did not believe a loving God would condemn some in advance.

In the Biblical perspective, it is clear that God has not arranged everything on earth for man’s health and pleasure. No man can be shielded permanently from risk, danger and harm. There may be a measure of truth in the statement that God would give all His children perfect health if He were able to do so without sacrificing other more important values. The reign of God, and not health, is of prime importance. Sin, not pain, is the greatest evil and growth in Christlikeness, not pleasure is the supreme worth.

What are the divine meanings of sickness and pain? Warning of physical danger, warning of moral danger, warning of spiritual danger, to teach compassion, to give opportunity for others to love are a few.


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